Collaboration is a key component of innovation. As a result, I maintain a wide range of connections/networks, which allows me to learn new things and cooperate with a diverse group of people. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Cognitive Science, Blockchain, Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, and Photography are some of my areas of interest.

I did my Bachelor's degree (B.Tech) in CSE (Computer Science & Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara (IIIT Vadodara) in 2018. After that, I started my Professional Career as Data Analyst. Now I have 5 years of experience in building Machine learning solutions. Currently, I'm working as MLOps Consultant at Deloitte USI. Also, as NLP Researcher, I'm very much interested in building NLP Solutions for Indic languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.

I read a lot. My comfort reading areas are Indian Mythology, History, Human behavior. Besides, I create content about Data Science, Fitness on social platforms in form of Blogs, Posts, etc.

Think we can collaborate? Feel Free to drop me an email.