Collaboration is a key component of innovation. As a result, I maintain a wide range of connections/networks, which allows me to learn new things and cooperate with a diverse group of people. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Cognitive Science, Blockchain, Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, and Photography are some of my areas of interest.

I did my Bachelor's degree (B.Tech) in CSE (Computer Science Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara (IIIT Vadodara) in 2018. After that, I started my Professional Career, today I've 4+ years of experience in building Machine learning Product. As NLP Researcher, I'm very much interested in building NLP Solutions for Indic languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.

I read a lot. My comfort reading areas are Indian Mythology, History, Human behavior. Besides, I create content about Data Science, Fitness on social platforms in form of Blogs, Posts, etc.

Think we can collaborate? Feel Free to drop me an email.